Funny wetsuit pictures. Surf Pics From Around The Globe. It's the Readers Waves Section. All the latest shots that visitors to the site have kindly send in. Submit your wave and surfing.

Funny wetsuit pictures

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Funny wetsuit pictures

Ready to dive in: Similarly putting safety first, she was also dressed in a matching life jacket and seen getting guidance from an instructor on the set. She has so far made nine trips to Louisiana, and says: The year-old, who dates Twilight star Kellan Lutz pictured says she wants a large family of her own and adopted children, like Brad and Angelina AnnaLynne says: I don't wanna know Or this exchange that sometimes occurs when chasing D during "Chop": When Denise and her friends leave the house, they are chanting "We are women, we are strong" over and over again at the top of their lungs.

Funny wetsuit pictures

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