Funny dirty anniversary cards. Shop for funny, dirty, unique greeting cards for adults and get huge laughs. Perfect humorous cards for adults. Send a funny, inappropriate birthday or anniversary.

Funny dirty anniversary cards

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Funny dirty anniversary cards

Tim and me, a-huntin' went. What do women want to get liberated from? We hope these funny wedding anniversary wishes for friends will do the trick! Now that you're more mature, Why not set your body free; Seek the comfort of elastic Where once your waist would be. When men are married, the brides get the presents and the publicity. For many, however, Christmas is the time to get in touch with those who are most special, be it through meals shared, parties enjoyed, or gifts, greeting cards, and e-cards exchanged. Don't over-squeeze or bruise them, And give them monthly tests.

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Funny adult birthday cake that makes you crazy!!!! You should watch this.

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Funny dirty anniversary cards


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