Batman joker actor crazy. Directed by Curt Geda. With Will Friedle, Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Angie Harmon. The Joker is back with a vengeance, and Gotham's newest Dark Knight needs answers.

Batman joker actor crazy

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Batman joker actor crazy

It is of note that in his second appearance he was actually slated to be killed off, with the final page detailing the villain accidentally stabbing himself, lying dead as Batman and Robin run off into the night. Rip did this to demonstrate to Booster that some points in time, like Barbara's paralysis, are fixed and cannot be prevented or altered, so that Booster would not continue insisting on rescuing his friend Ted Kord from death, another fixed point. Batgirl , paralyzing her below the waist. The Joker's orange-tipped "Bang! Why aren't you laughing?

Batman joker actor crazy

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