Dua for funeral. زاد راہ [ حج و عمرہ کے دوران پڑھی جانے والی دعائیں] مسافر گھروالوں کو دعا دے: استودعکم.

Dua for funeral

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Dua for funeral

Islam is as You have sanctioned according to Shariat, whatever things you have said remain as they are, Quraan-e-Majid remains as You have revealed. It is mustahab recommended for the person, giving the ghusl that he should face the qibla while giving the ghusl. We give ghusl to this dead body with camphor water, wajib qurbatan ilallaah. Then tear the collar of the kafan, spread half the part on the sheet and let half the part remain at the head side. Then place the Shahadat Nama testimony of faith on the chest. Men are prohibited from wearing gold ring.

Dua for funeral

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Namaz e janaza ki dua ( Funeral Dua ) By Saad Al Qureshi

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