Florida radio april fools joke. A pair of popular morning show hosts from a Southwest Florida radio station have been suspended indefinitely following an April Fools' Day joke that the station's.

Florida radio april fools joke

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Florida radio april fools joke

Morris discussed the news throughout his morning show, from 6: Many people took the broadcast seriously and attempted to leave the city, since pollution was and is a serious problem in Athens. On Facebook, the DJ duo said the last few days have been "rough," but claimed that the support from fans "has been overwhelming. Except when they don't. Summers explained that "mouth sounders" use their mouth, tongue, teeth, lips, and vocal chords to create a variety of sounds, such as the sound of an angry cockatoo, a goose, a train, and Bach's Toccata — all of which he demonstrated in the studio.

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Florida radio april fools joke


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