Motorhead back funny farm wiki. Unreleased Records. These records don't really exist; mostly, they were plans that were never fully carried through. Some exist in test-pressing or tape form, some.

Motorhead back funny farm wiki

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Motorhead back funny farm wiki

It's different from the Mothermania version, but that is the closest resemblence. Wasn't this a good enough home for you? She makes it in three trips now. In short, the musical contents of this entire two-disc collection could've been summed up on one side of a flexi-disc. You got any idea what that thing could do to your mouth if I used it on you? Maybe this would've been a hoot for, say, a one-off 7".

Motorhead back funny farm wiki

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Bömbers - Bomber/Back at The Funny Farm LIVE at Metal Magic VIII (2015)

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