Funny speech after tonsillectomy. Post tonsillectomy throat & speech problems to you post tonsillectomy.I'm 7 weeks after the operation but I'm still speaking funny and sometimes have.

Funny speech after tonsillectomy

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Funny speech after tonsillectomy

An individual presents with a pinkish red rash and a red sore throat. While vocal pitch, tone, and articulation can be negatively affected by enlarged tonsils and adenoids, speech therapy cannot easily provide improvement as long as the enlarged tissues remain so swollen. Double ear and sinus infection. In most cases additional exercises for the palate are not needed in order to achieve the closure. For instance someone exposed to chlorine in a large outdoor pool may have Burning of the nose eyes lips mouth and throat; Dry cough.

Funny speech after tonsillectomy

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After Tonsillectomy surgery will my voice change? - Dr. Sriram Nathan

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