Best joker quotes mass effect. May 28,  · The Star Empire is perhaps the best galactic case study of tactics evolving. Without the years of pre-eezo limited space .

Best joker quotes mass effect

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Best joker quotes mass effect

Unlike the fleet, which due to high presence of Imperial Administration officers in observatory role is houseless, ground forces are not as much regulated and house loyalty is significantly higher in ground based units. Since his emergence within Gotham on Christmas Eve, the Joker seized complete control of the city's criminal underworld, gained thousands of followers in the process, oversaw a majority of its crimes and operations, and quickly became the city's most infamous criminal. He values organic life to the extent that he deems it worthy of being 'preserved' but does not trust it to act in its own best interests - thus, 'chaos', to which he posits Reapers as the solution. Surely Control and Synthesis are touted by it as better solutions, with Synthesis being its preferred optimal choice. Vega discharges his gun into the Praetorian's skull at point-blank range and the enemy is defeated at last, falling into the industrial vats. It's a not-so-subtle clue that The Illusive Man has effectively taken Saren's place as the Reapers' indoctrinated figurehead.

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Mass Effect 3 : Garrus and Joker JOKES

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Best joker quotes mass effect


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