Short funny poems by famous poets. An original collection of humorous short poems about animals, family life, famous people, and school.

Short funny poems by famous poets

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Short funny poems by famous poets

With the help on my fellow poets Paul Curtis, Max Scratchmann and Kate Williams, I've produced an exciting and unusual collection of funny poems for kids. I usually say yes if I'm asked in advance and get very cross if I'm not. Writing funny poetry gives a few hints on how to start writing your own comic poems and get them noticed by other people. Wry and Inscrutable Poems Patrick Winstanley's poems are wry, whimsical and weird - qualities which lent Peculiar Poetry its name. As one reviewer famously put it, 'Peculiar Poetry combines the comic talent of Karl Marx with the intellectual genius of Groucho Marx.

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I even say yes if I'm short funny poems by famous poets in basic and get very other if I'm not.

Short funny poems by famous poets


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