Chewing gum funny school bus. Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (At Kent School from to , academic years: 1ST to 2ND) Looking for Paul Davis who would have been in the 3rd year in.

Chewing gum funny school bus

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Chewing gum funny school bus

I have so many memories but the worst is having chalk thrown into my mouth by Mrs Gormley……… I talked a lot. So from that moment on I called her by her old name, but I threw emphasis on it, saying, Hey, Miss Chesley! Cricket in the playground at lunchtime and teacher Mr Welding who was the only person allowed to hit the ball into the far playground submitted by John Ebsary — 6th Class 53 Eventful, pleasant memories with my first girlfriend. Note that symptoms and reactions presented in each level are subjective. Do others remember that one? The trigger sound could be something like sniffling.

Chewing gum funny school bus

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