Bieber mugshot funny. A woman was arrested on Monday night after trespassing on Justin Bieber's property in Los Angeles.

Bieber mugshot funny

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Bieber mugshot funny

But year-old Bieber didn't seem to mind, grinning widely as he posed next to the waxwork alongside his mother Pattie and labelling it 'awesome'. But after turning 17 two weeks ago, the star - much to the dismay of fans - now wears a shorter, more textured cut. Bieber waxworks were unveiled in London left , New York and Amsterdam today. Bieber makes a quick dash to his car after signing some autographs for fans outside his London hotel Where is he? And stylists teamed up with Bieber's personal hair stylist to ensure his once legendary hairstyle was the exact replica of the original cut. Replicas of the teenager were simultaneously unveiled at Tussauds attractions in Amsterdam and New York.

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