Youth football fun drills. Part of learning how to play football is engaging in various drills, such as those to perfect throwing and catching skills, or ones that improve overall quickness and.

Youth football fun drills

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Youth football fun drills

To do this, you need drills that will show kids how to block, throw, catch and run with the ball, but they need to be enjoyable, too. Each of the five "dots" or cones should be about 1 yard apart. Once the player has mastered this drill, have him throw the ball and catch it with the opposite hand, then throw it and catch it with both hands at the same time. This drill improves agility and quickness. Parenting is my favorite topic - I am the homeschooling work-at-home single mom of a four-year-old son. As the fastest, most agile runners tend to be the ones who can avoid the balloons the longest, this drill really seems to motivate the kids to do their best.

Youth football fun drills

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fun youth football conditioning drills

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