Fun finder 189fbr. Average Review Rating. Cruiser RV Fun Finder 7 reviews; Cruiser RV Fun Finder X 1 review; Cruiser RV MPG 2 reviews; Cruiser RV Radiance 5 reviews.

Fun finder 189fbr

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Fun finder 189fbr

Last I heard was that Cruiser sent the wrong color of trim. By mid-July, my family reunion rolled around and although the repairs weren't completed due to waiting on parts from Cruiser , we picked it up. We waited around to take it in for service to make sure we addressed as many problems as possible. Halfway to Abilene about 75 miles out the roof began to peel off. We noticed a wet spot on the floor, but had a puppy and thought that he'd spilled water or something, so we didn't think too much about it. After much back and forth with the dealer and Cruiser, Cruiser finally decided they would sent the parts seals, trim, etc Make sure you thoroughly check out reviews, complaint websites and the BBB before you buy.

Fun finder 189fbr

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Make by you thoroughly check out products, complaint websites and the BBB before you buy. Don't present to regret your consequence fun finder 189fbr we have.



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