Frankfort fun facts. Frankfort is identifiable by many Americans as the capital of Kentucky, but what are some other interesting facts about Frankfort? Improve your knowledge about the.

Frankfort fun facts

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Frankfort fun facts

The doll display is located in the capitol building. By the early s, maintenance of the concrete structures was neglected and the plaza fell into disrepair, with sections of the plaza closed off to pedestrian activity out of concerns for safety. In , the Kentucky General Assembly appropriated funds to provide a house to accommodate the governor; it was completed two years later. Downtown Frankfort is seen in the foreground, while South Frankfort lies across the river in the background. The third state capitol building , completed in , is now open for tours so visitors can see its unique self-supporting staircase, the only one like it in the world. The separate settlement known as South Frankfort was annexed by the city in January 3, While in Congress, he introduced the bill granting statehood to Kentucky.

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