Funny cartoon vines clean. FUNNYWORLD REVISITED An Interview with Bob Clampett. By Michael Barrier and Milton Gray. Reprinted from Funnyworld No. 12 (). [An introductory note: Milt Gray.

Funny cartoon vines clean

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Funny cartoon vines clean

Bugs Bunny has been loved for over a quarter of a century now, but he has never been loved the way he was during those war years. Ham could do amazing things with his diminutive fingers. Then, after the gag man, like a hen, had laid all the golden eggs he could, Friz would make a beautiful omelet of them. We'd have a great story going along, but then we'd have to stop and have the singing chorus. We'd all go to the corner drug store for lunch, and would occupy almost all the seats along the soda fountain counter. Toss them in your favorite coatings and roast away!

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Funny cartoon vines clean


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