Superlatives ideas funny. If you want to write funny yearbook superlatives, you need to learn from the master. And the master is Jimmy Fallon. Don't believe us? Check out this post.

Superlatives ideas funny

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Superlatives ideas funny

Most likely to be president Most likely to be the next Bill Gates Most likely to become a comedian Most likely to become a motivational speaker Most likely to become a professional athlete Most likely to become a travel blogger Most likely to end up on Broadway Most likely to make millions Most likely to open a yoga studio Most likely to star in their own reality show Future-Oriented Yearbook Superlatives The ending of one chapter forces you to think of the future. Most likely to be late for class Most likely to brighten up your day Most likely to put something off until tomorrow Most likely to not change at all Most opinionated Most upbeat attitude Profession-Based Yearbook Superlatives There are a lot of changes as time goes on. You just need to make sure the juxtaposition—or other absurd, but obvious element—is there to make your yearbook superlative funny. This superlatives list captures the essence of who your classmates are and who your entire class thinks they will become. In the NFL, one player has established a pretty big reputation for that type of personality: This theme is a lot like the celebrity look-alike theme. He also focused on the city he left Miami.

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'DWTS' Finalists Label Each Other With Funny Yearbook Superlatives

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Superlatives ideas funny


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