Funny misspelled cakes. 10 Canadian Snack Cakes That Will Make You Forget About Twinkies 10 Canadian Snack Cakes That Will Make You Forget About Twinkies Canadians have their own beloved cakes.

Funny misspelled cakes

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Funny misspelled cakes

Too sunny for Santa From the looks of this Christmas cartoon, Santa's elves aren't too worried about climate change. Trimming the tree Just a few branches off the top should do it. Did you get my text with my Christmas list? Read more about Canadian culinary treasures on Food Republic: Sorry to burst your bubble, but those kiddie favorites are actually ripoffs of Swiss Rolls, which are made by companies like Little Debbie and, yes, the much older Vachon.

Funny misspelled cakes

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13 Embarrassing Cake Decorating Fails

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