Little tikes cookin fun interactive kitchen. Cook up some fun with the toddler and kids' kitchen sets and cleaning toys at Toys"R"Us. Our realistic kitchen playsets encourage imaginative play.

Little tikes cookin fun interactive kitchen

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Little tikes cookin fun interactive kitchen

One of Brayden's favorite toys and actually Kaitlyn's, too has been trucks, cars, and tractors. Not that the child himself will taste any new foods! There's even a pretend garden from which kids can pick their fruits and vegetables, along with more than 40 accessories including pans, plates, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, and play goods. Keep in mind that different sets are sold at different stores what you find at Shopko won't necessarily be found at Target. Both of our children enjoyed this toy, but especially Kaitlyn. Singing and moving to music is so important at this age, plus burning off some of the excess energy is helpful! Child Role Play Type:

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