Evacuation ww2 fun facts. Watch and listen to BBC clips about the evacuation of children and adults during WW2. Find out how people were evacuated, when and where they went and what.

Evacuation ww2 fun facts

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Evacuation ww2 fun facts

In the same account of an evacuation from Norfolk, it was recorded that: Learn more about Evacuees in World War 2 A ration book World War Two saw thousands of children evacuated from British cities, ports and industrial areas to keep them safe from enemy air-raids. Most of the troops were able to embark from the protection of the harbor, while many others had to wade to the ships from the beaches. The success of Bletchley Park made the D-Day landings possible and is believed to have shortened the war by at least two years. Britain also feared invasion from the sea and the eastern and south-eastern coasts were particularly vulnerable.

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Amazing World War II Facts

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Evacuation ww2 fun facts


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