Wozniacki nadal joke. Rafael Nadal had to make a bizarre request to the match umpire in his loss to Roger Federer in Shanghai today. The year-old Spaniard seemed to believe that.

Wozniacki nadal joke

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Wozniacki nadal joke

A couple of dragged backhands into the tramlines hand Federer an early break at against the stubble-wearing Federer. Federer targets Nadal's backhand during the next tally rally and finally draws the error from that wing. It is only on the red clay of continental Europe that he has taken a beating, with 13 defeats and just two victories against the greatest clay specialist of this or any other age. Until last year it was a close call on HC but Federer slightly ahead of Djokovic, with this year he is ahead. All three women are in town accompanying their famous tennis player partners for the Australian Open, which wound up on Sunday Cold water?

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