Semi truck driving jokes. Nov 19,  · Image: Tesla. Elon Musk seems content to call the truck just “Semi,” which honestly is pretty disappointing. Especially since Musk seems obsessed with.

Semi truck driving jokes

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Semi truck driving jokes

This variation is based on a Pierce Arrow. The Truck Driver Life: Drivers of regular cars may like to complain about diesel trucks causing traffic and accidents out on the highways, but semi truckers find their driving to be just as much of a joke at times! Unlike the engine variant, the ladder variant does not sustain cosmetic damage except for its breakable headlights. Like the Tank , one can rotate the water cannon by holding Tab on PC and using the left and right arrow keys to rotate it. The Firetruck, being operated by the Los Santos Fire Department , still assumes the design of the Grand Theft Auto IV rendition, but the color pattern has been changed, now with a predominant red color with white stripes at the bottom, while the red color on the rims are no longer present.

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Semi truck driving jokes


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