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You may use the links following to view John Gilkison's youtube vidoes describing the latest incarnation of the 13.1" mirror & secondary into a fully functional dobsonian telescope.

1st video

2nd video

3rd video



PostHeaderIcon The Winter 2015 edition of the NPO newsletter has been posted . . .

The Winter 2015 edition of the NPO newsletter has been posted to the web site. 


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PostHeaderIcon Stars-N-Parks New Mexico State Parks program schedule for the Winter/Spring 2016

Welcome to the NPO calendar of events. Here we will list the schedules for events such as the Stars-N-Parks, meetings and celestial happenings. Check back often, as this page will be updated as soon as new events are scheduled. Park your pointer over a month to view special events for that month. 

Winter/Spring 2016 NPO Stars n Parks Schedule

1: Saturday December 12th , 2015 CoR SP, SS 5:00 PM, PS 6:10 PM, PE 7:40 PM. Orion is rising in the east. Andromeda is near the zenith, The Milky Way runs from east to west. Matt Wilson presenting.

2: Saturday January 9th, City of Rocks SP, SS 5:16 PM, PS 6:26 PM, PE 8:00 PM, Orion is above the eastern horizon at program start, Andromeda Galaxy is in the west. Cetus crosses the meridian during the program. Presenter is TBA.

3: Saturday Feb 6th, Rock Hound SP SS 5:42 PM, PS, 6:52 PM, PE 8:20 PM, Canopus transits in the south during the program, Andromeda Galaxy is low in the west while Orion rises in the east. John Gilkison presenting.

4: Saturday March 5th, City of Rocks SP, SS 6:05 PM, PS 7:15 PM, PE 8:45 PM, the planet Jupiter is above the horizon at program start, Ursa Major is standing in its tail in the NE, Orion is past the meridian. Presenter is TBA.

5: Saturday April 2nd, Rock Hound SP, SS 7:24 PM, PS 8:35 PM, PE 10:05 PM, Jupiter is well up at program start, The spring constellations are prominent in the east as the winter constellations set in the west. John Gilkison presenting. 

6: Saturday June 6th, City of Rocks, SP, SS 8:07 PM, PS 9:20 PM, PE 10:50 PM, Mars and Saturn are well up at program start, Jupiter is past the meridian. The Summer Milky Way is above the horizon by pro-gram end, Presenter is TBA.

SP = State Park SS = Sunset, PS = Program
Start, PE = Program End. N.M. State Parks
Reach For The Stars Grant Programs ended in
March 2010, NPO programs listed below.
The Spring Southern New Mexico Star Party
runs from Thursday April 8, 2010 to Sunday
April 11, 2010, held at the pavilion in the Orion
Group Area at City of Rocks State Park, the
public program free, but the SNMSP is a
register and pay for event, registration forms
available on the NPO website www.astronpo.
Saturday April 10, 2010, City of Rocks State Park,
SS 7:25 PM, PS 8:35 PM, PE 10:05 PM, Mars
overhead, Saturn in the SE, the Spring
constellations are rising. Matt Wilson presenting.
Saturday April 17, 2010, Leasburg Dam State
Park, SS 7:25 PM, PS 8:35 PM, PE 10:05 PM,
Mars overhead, Saturn in the SE, the Spring
constellations are rising. Nils Allen presenting.
Saturday May 8, 2010, City of Rocks State Park,
SS 7:45 PM, PS 8:55 PM, PE 10:25 PM, Mars and
Saturn are high at program start, Venus is low in
the west, the Spring constellations are rising. Matt
Wilson presenting.
Check our website for Fall programming and our
announcement of the Fall Star Party we are trying
to arrange in Alpine, Texas. We should have an
announcement by June 2010.

Click for a map of City of Rocks SP and the Gene Simons Observatory




PostHeaderIcon New NPO Calendar

The following links are here to allow you to download three month segments of the NPO Calendar. Keep checking back for updated links.

It can be printed using 8.5x14 inch paper for each page. At the top you need to find the center and punch a hole for hanging the calendar. I would recommend tape on the back side of the hole for reenforcement. We are asking for a donation of one dollar a page, or for ten dollars for the whole year. The donation is voluntary of course. I think our members will like the calendar.
We will publish the next three month installment of the calendar with the spring newsletter and so forth, with the summer and fall newsletters until we have the whole year published.

Last Updated (Saturday, 31 March 2012 12:19)


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